Letter to the friends of the community al-Khalil (Abraham, the friend of God) 2007


Letter to the Friends of Deir Mar Musa 2006


News about Deir Mar Musa

Dear Friends, Dear Families,

Welcome on the new website

Dear friends

This is the start of the new Website of Deir Mar Musa, it will be -hopefully- much more dynamic than the old one. But this did not depend on the website but on me, Brother Jens.

We, the community al-Khalil, will try to collaborate more to keep this site up to date and we will try as much as possible to involve also you for discussions and translations.

There are still many informations to put on this site I hope that it will continuously grow over the next weeks.

Letter to the friends of Deir Mar Musa December 2005


with an article of F. Paolo: « We are all cardinals »


Letter to the Friends, December 2004


Very dear friends of Deir Mar Musa, of Deir Mar Elian and of the Studentato San Salvatore – Cori, first of all, best wishes for this coming Christmas and New Year!

The letter to the friends of the Monastery of St Moses, Deir el-Hayek, November 2001


Very dear friends of Deir Mar Musa,


Letter to the Friends of the Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian in Nebek, June 2000

Jens Petzold, who was baptised four years ago in the monastery, consecrated himself to God in the monastic profession during the celebration of the Eucharist on Easter Monday. Boutros Abo did the same on the feast of the Cross, September 14, after almost five years of life in the monastery.

Letter to the friends of the monastery Mar Musa, June 1999.

This year’s letter is composed of two sections:

- The first section is about the news of the community and its projects.

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